Freedom in Speech community is geared towards raising social awareness about the LGBT movement, and the rights of LGBT people. It is good to note that in this highly interconnected world, people subscribe to different cultures and principles and that people cannot be uniform in behavior.

This community exists to help spread the ideals of the LGBT community, around the world, and to be a place where people from various walks of life can interact and share about freedom of speech, and the rights of the LGBT community.

Social Awareness

Worth noting is that the rights of the LGBT community are not guaranteed in all countries. The LGBT community is facing discrimination in some parts of the world, but equally, it has been growing steadily. The perception about LGBT has not been a positive one in many folks, but as days while away, there is notable social liberalization, which has led to an accommodating nature between people, of people from various races and cultures.

The community aims to increase awareness to all parts of the world and to help to form a solid group that is pro-free speech, and pro-LGBT as well.

Free Speech

Of recent, there has been an all-out attack on free speech in some countries in the world, and governments have been using legal instruments at their disposal to suppress people and groups that express views that do not favor them or work towards their plans or objectives.

Free speech is something that should not be restricted by government in any way, and people have the right to express, articulate, and share their views without the fear of facing legal action from the government. People, groups, and organizations have the right to communicate and share their opinions freely.


With billions and counting in the world’s population, it is quite impossible for everybody to have preferences that are alike. Different people have their ways of life and go about things differently. The LGBT community, though slowly, has been growing in size and membership. Folks who sit well with the LGBT ideals are increasing by the day, and with time, this trend is only set to get better. This community is a forum where people with similar ideas can get information, insights, and developments regarding the status of the LGBT in various countries across the globe.