Finance Minister Uhuru Kenyatta finally presented this year’s budget speech in which he proposed to raise and spend 1.5 trillion shillings over the next one year. For the first time this year’s budget exempted some taxes and was read a day before it is traditionally read.

It was also the first time that the reading of a budget was not preceded by fun fare and concluded with a garden party at parliament grounds. But the budget did not meet the expectations of many citizens.

Several members of the public we spoke with said the budget was not fair and sensitive issues affecting them were not addressed. Reduction of tax on fuel is expected to reduce food prices by 40%.

The release of the budget having been done, the big question is why the government failed to adhere to the constitutional requirement that the budget is released for scrutiny before it is read. It is also hoped that next financial year, the finance minister will be keen to follow the requirement of the constitution.

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