Upcountry North of Nairobi City
Lives a pretty girl
Who’s just cleared high school
And spends most of her time indoors
Reading, thinking, if not helping her kind mother with house chores
Or taking care of her younger siblings

Light-skinned, average build, intelligent
Very creative and full of life
An ardent reader and lover of poetry
A carefree spirit that most regard a
Retard and a spoilt brat!

Memories of her childhood shroud
Her mind like wild rays of light
The many times she tried kissing fellow girls
‘Cha mama, cha baba’ which she mostly preferred
To play with her neighbourhood girlfriends
Instead of boys.
The confusion her teachers had to constantly deal with
When she adamantly refused to sit with boys
Nor play near them

She wonders why she feels the way she does
Why everyone treats her in a different way
Gossips about every other girl she is seen
Hanging out with spread like bush fire
Girls in her neighbourhood have received
Stern warnings by their parents to stay away from her

She is a social reject by society
A subject of malice and blasphemy
But she lives on
Her family stands by her and prays for the healing
Of this strange illness
One related to same-gender loving tendencies

She is not aware that she may be lesbian
Or bisexual, bi-curious,
Or more…
Life’s little worries do not bother her much
She has girl crushes once in a while
But only she knows how to best deal with them

She is responsible
She knows her limits
She pursues her happiness
Even when it does not rub others the right way
She has no tangible answers
Despite this feeling all wrong to her
She is just but a representation
Of the many lesbian, gay, bisexual,
Queer, questioning individuals of all ages
That are out there
Closeted, confused and lost

They represent those from within our community
That cannot stand the bullying by schoolmates
Because of how they feel
…and take matters into their own hands…take their lives

Those that will turn into introverts
Drug addicts
Because these are the labels we have stamped on their foreheads
Labels of hate
Labels of prejudice and discrimination

We never at one moment think
They could be the people we
Love and  care for
And whether we would treat them in the same way

Its the nature of double standards
The world’s ignorance to the issues at hand

It’s now turned to a blame game
But what are we doing about it?

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