Human rights are perceived as a form of religion in today’s world. The list of american human rights is a logical part of Human Rights Declaration. They are an efficient method of creating an ethical yardstick that is used to measure a government’s treatment for the people. A broad discussion on the topic of human rights forcing the enactment of a moral code has emerged. Currently, the moral code is accepted internationally for its benefits towards maintaining a standard treatment, concerning what do people represent in a person.

An example of a modern law practiced in Canada and the US relates to the rights of citizenship. Within the countries, mentioned above, exist countless political debates over the abuse or denial of the law. Immigration, for instance, is attributed to an illegal activity and may result in deportation, but will the offenders be really deported then? There are many thoughts pertaining this argument, but it is important to note that the public discourse in such countries is phrased in the rhetoric of rights.

Legal rights in Canada had been proliferated until the entrenchment of the Charter of Rights in the country’s constitution in 1982. Following the enactment of the charter, many citizens have appraised its provisions since many Canadians’ human rights are provided. Indeed, the human rights provisions work for the citizens. When a claim is made under the provision that it is a human right, it acts as the weapon to deter opposition and label it as unprincipled or even immoral.

Defeat in the debate is the scope and coverage of the human rights. Many political analysts of the modern world are focused on ensuring that the human rights are in line with the provisions by United Nation’s ever-growing body, thus limiting their growth at the local level. The right to citizenship in US and Canada is an example of a right applied in theory in a modern world and serves to protect the country’s identity while at the same time providing insights to the victims.

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