Persons identify themselves as male or female depending on the manner in which they express themselves. If you express yourself in a way that seems to be more feminine, then you are a female. Females associate themselves with dolls and toys viewed by society to be for females. Pink color and flowers can also be used to identify someone as a girl if she like associating herself with them. At a time, even the drawings and people someone plays with can tell his or her gender. Like you find ladies drawing their images as a female with complete dresses of ladies, including high-heeled shoes. On the other hand, boys are associated with blue color and fire trucks. Besides, male children get attracted to girls and enjoy playing with them in schools or at home. Therefore, it is not only the dress a person put on or name that can be used to identify someone as a male or female but also his or her actions can be used for gender identity. You can give a child either feminine or masculine name in a case of transgender but how he or she act when growing can be used to identify his or her gender.

Steve and Barb, parents to Hailey, were right to allow their child to identify herself as a girl. They realized that the child would only get peace of mind if she is a girl and no a boy as they wanted. Just from a tender age in the kindergarten, she developed as a girl, and it was her desire to be a female. The parents noticed that they gave birth to a transgendered child that seemed to be a rare case in North America. They were worried on who would marry the child since people had less understanding of such population in the society. But, to keep the child safe from suicide they had to accept what the child wanted to be. It was a good decision since the danger that would arise if the child could realize that the parents rejected her would be worse. Since the girl liked everything that was feminine it was better to allow her to identify herself as a girl.

It is not someone’s choice to be born with complications in life. The case of Hailey is just an example, and there are many other similar cases in the world today. As a society, we need to accept such persons the way they are to prevent problems like drug abuse or suicide they might get involved in if they are not loved. The parents are who are directly attached to such children during childhood, and they should study their children keenly and make a decision based on the child’s behavior just like Steve and Barb did. It is said that charity begins at home, so the parents need to show the child that he or she is accepted for him or to get confident to interact freely with peers in schools. If the parents allow room for what the society will say or is saying, the child would be damaged internally and finally may lead health complications. Parents need to respect the decisions of their children to keep them safe from long term damages that would happen if they are forced to do something they are not happy with.

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